24 hour rental (noon until noon) Contract

Venue Rental Only *


Barn Rental (Down Stairs)

                       Both Floors



Rounds (72 10 persons per table)

$10.00 ea.

Service Line tables (6)

$6.00 ea.


$12.50 ea.


$1.50 ea.

Damage deposit/ Clean up


Catering Fee (12% of gross billing to cater)

To Be Determined


Per Bottle


*All Prices Valid until July 15th, 2002

**A 50% deposit is required to hold space with final payments due 3 days before the event.

***Any wines served on the premise must be purchased through Cross Timbers Winery.  Bottle prices will apply.  A price list is available upon request.


It is understood that no alcoholic beverages, of any type, may be brought on to the bonded winery premises without the written consent of Cross Timbers Winery Management.  For planning purposes, management will allow beer to be brought in by the contracting party with wine be purchased on a ratio of case (6 bottles) of wine for every case of beer.  For kegs the ratio is 3 cases of wine for a barrel keg and 2 cases of wine for a barrel keg.  Cross Timbers Winery staff is prohibited by law from providing any assistance with handling, preparation or serving any alcohol products except those provided by Cross Timbers Winery.  This includes cups, ice and/or containers to store the same.

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