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The Gazebo at Cross Timbers

Hosting its first wedding 2 days after completion, the Gazebo inspires memories of country settings from the old south. This 18-foot, tin roofed structure has the capacity to serve as delightful wedding location, picnic, cookout or resting place for any event. It is adjacent to the large oak tree and The Barn at Cross Timbers.

The Barn at Cross Timbers

     Grapevine History books recorded many of the great contributions made to Grapevine by the Dorris and Brock Families.  One of the things that intrigued it’s current owner was the many references family members made toward the “fun” they had in the old barn.  So, after a rather extensive research project, the City of Grapevine allowed the  “ol” barn to be reconstructed provided size, location, and style could be insured.  Clinton Brock (87 years young) and his wife Frida, served as guides and hand drew the old barn from memory.  Next, the original footings were located and the new barn was reconstructed in the fall of 2001.  It now serves as a popular location for weddings, receptions, corporate outings, birthday parties, and family reunions.  It is air-conditioned and heated for you comfort and a great venue for small to medium groups of 100. The up-stairs is being completed and will increase capacity to 200 plus soon.