Cross Timbers Winery is located in the Dorris/Brock house at 805 N. Main St. The Dorris/Brock house is among the oldest structures in Grapevine.

Built in the 1870's by a pioneer family from Mississippi, the small frame house had a long and fruitful history as the homestead of a family farm. The Dorris Brock property once consisted of 186 acres but has slowly been sold off over the years. The house is an example of country victorian architecture and is believed to be amoung the 10 oldest structures remaining in Grapevine.

Dr. Dorris was one of the first physicians in Grapevine. A landmark Victorian-style home on College Street in Grapevine was also built by the Dorris family, although it is unclear whether Dr. Dorris or his son, Dr. Thomas Benton Dorris, built that house.

John Word Brock, a grist mill operator, and his family moved into the Dorris/Brock home in 1908 and lived there for many years, with the exceptiion of a brief period during World War I.

The house was expanded over the years, and a separate garage was built in 1920.

The propery was abandoned for an undetermined period after Mr. Brock's death in 1947. In 1990, it was bought by Patti T. Weatherman, who was refurbishing the home when she died of cancer in 1995.